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Welcome to Amuri-Pajkos Borzoi!

camus1My intention with this site is to introduce the Hungarian Amuri-Pajkos Borzoi Kennel. Whether you are a breeder, enthusiast owner or simply admirer of Borzois, you are more than welcome to browse among my pages.

We are located in the Southern-Eastern corner of Hungary. We breed excellent quality, health and temperament Borzois, even though we are not active at the moment. We are attending some shows with our two youngsters from Petrodvorec Kennel, beside that our studmale, Phaedra Camus is available for female owners.

If you want to find out more about Amuri-Pajkos Borzoi and this fascinating breed, please feel free to look through our pages and join our community where sure you  find some good friends and real admirers of the breed. By creating your profile you may also let us know about your relation to Borzois.


Sad News

Our lovely Bogi left us at her age of fifteen on 10th February, 2014. She was the wonderful dam of "C", "D", "F" Amuri-Pajkos litters, and "A" Mraja litter. She will be always remembered.


Csongrád CAC Results

anton_csongradOur beloved Petrodvorec Anton debuted well on his very first show in Csongrád on 23 March 2013. He got exc II in intermediate class, while his sister, the more experienced Petrodvorec Anna won her class.
We took this as a great excercise of preparation for the upcoming international shows later this year.

Camus Is Still Available as Stud

Dear Borzoi Friends, I would like to let you know that even though I'm not active in breeding anymore, my USA import male Phaedra Camus is still available as stud. Also Mraja Borzoi in Slovakia continues breeding based on Amuri-Pajkos Borzois whom I greatly recommend to those who have requirements on high quality Borzoi puppies.  Interchampion Phaedra Camus is relocated to our home in South Hungary but feel free to inquire on him as studmale from me (Annamaria) on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Sad News

Our beloved Cirill passed away on 4th Febr, 2012. We will always remember your sweet character. Good bye, Cirill!



Makó CAC 19 April

Congratulations to Kennel Mraja on the huge success of Amuri-Pajkos Etalon, who reached Best of Breed and Best of Group title in working class on Makó CAC Show. The Camus X Bogi youngsters, Aljosha and Adira Mraja did also great collecting Hungarian Prima Junior titles. Adira is now Hungarian Junior Champion!!!

Top Borzoi Slovakia 2008

top_borzoisTop Borzoi 2008 of Slovak Sighthound Club: ICH Phaedra Camus!! Amuri-Pajkos Desszert, who reached the Slovak Champion title recently, was placed second in the competition while Amuri-Pajkos Etalon came to the fourth place! Congratulations, well done, Jana! Camus and Desszert were shown on the ball of Champion of Champions in Bratislava on 13th Dec, 2008 (pictured here with Laszlo Solymosi)


Lure Coursing

Three lure coursing trials have been organized by SoAnn recently. The first event was kind of a family fun; only a very few Borzois were invited to the party on 25th October. The Gulyás was served by SoLasz! Video showing everybody had a great fun here. On the second lure coursing we took it much more seriously, it was a training for getting the Borzois ready for CACL trials for next year. Thirty one sighthounds plus eleven other dogs were joining us on the 9th November on Hodmezovasarhely, so were on 30 Nov.

New Hungarian Champion


Amuri-Pajkos Ferike is now Hungarian Champion by winning CAC, Best of Breed and Res. Best of Group on Dombovar CAC last weekend. He also took part on our "family" coursing on Saturday. Congratulations to his owner,Dr Agnes Beres.


Camus is now International Working Certificate Holder

camus_shown_runningWe are happy to announce that our Phaedra Camus succesfully finished the working trials and is entitled to be registered in working class at FCI shows. Huge part of his success is due to Jana Mrazova whose effort I really appreciate. Among others Camus was competing on the Coursing European Championship and was placed 8th from 26 in Lotzwill, Switzerland.


Meeting Fergeteg

Amuri-Pajkos FergetegIt is always a pleasure seeing your pup after a while. Fergeteg was sold as a pet to a lovely family in East Hungary.  As he is going to be shown on the Club Show on 4th Oct in Budapest, he and his owner Maria spent the weekend with us. Our aim was to get him ready for the show by proper training as the Club Show is going to be his first big show. I was happy to see him doing great. Good luck, Grisenka!


2XCACIB Hódmezővásárhely

anton_hmvhelyOur youngsters, the lovely Anna and Anton had a great success on Hódmezővásárhely two-day CACIB Show on 7-8. September, 2013. On the first day Anna got CAC, CACIB and Best Opposite Sex, Anton got CAC, Res. CACIB. The second day the results were more or less repeated, only the CACIB card went to another female this time. Photos are to speak about the great weekend by clicking here.


Sad News

Our beloved Barszi (Dober-Kopp Pannon Bánk Bán) left us on 24, June 2013. Rest in peace, dear Barszi!



Newcomers June 2012

Let me introduce the two youngsters: Anna and Anton from Petrodvorec Kennel, who are the newest members of the family. Anna just started her show career with Hungarian Prima Junior title at her age of one year on Makó CAC on 09. 06. 2012, followed by two other HPJ titles.

Sad News

Our beloved Bella passed away on 13th August, 2010. She will always be in our loving memories...



Derby+Champion Show 2008 Budapest

Paskova Believe In MeDerby CAC Show 2008:
Derby Winner,CAC,BOB,BOG3
Paskova Believe in Me HJCH
Champion Show 2008:
Champion Bitch of the Year
Champion of Champions
Res. Best of Group
Paskova Believe in Me HJCH
I've been happy taking part in Nadja's great success by handling. Congratulations to her owner Dr Agnes Golian-Beres and breeder Antoaneta Paskova in Bulgaria!

Sad News

Our beloved Astra passed away at her age of fourteen on 24th November, 2008. She will be  always remembered...



Eurodogshow 2008

juraj-camus-jhWe are celebrating now as our International Champion, Slovak and Hungarian Champion, Beauty and Performance Club Winner Slovakia, FCI Working Class Certified Phaedra Camus has won the open class all three days on Euro Show Cluster in Budapest!!! On the top of that he got Best of Breed on Euro Sighthound Specialty. Icing on the cake that our young star, Juraj Steviar all three days was placed in the Junior Handling Competition with Camus plus came to Best Junior Handler out of 80 competitor on Saturday!!! Not only Camus but


Amuri-Pajkos Dama is American Dual Champion

Amuri-Pajkos Dama finished her American Championship by winning the Borzoi Club of Greater New York Specialty... Winners Bitch Best of Winners and is now DUAL CHAMPION as she is already Field Champion Lure Coursing !!!! We are proud to say DAMA IS THE FIRST HUNGARIAN TO FINISH USA CHAMPIONSHIP and in grand style! Three Specialty Wins and add icing on the cake: she is a Field Champion by winning all five events she was in.


Get Zoi'd!!!


If you liked our introduction and thinking on having a Borzoi puppy from us, do not hesitate to contact us. There are puppies looking for loving homes in Kennel Artin in Slovakia out of Amuri-Pajkos Etalon. We also plan litters of Amuri-Pajkos females from the USA import Phaedra Camus.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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